Well, It’s Been A Year

It’s been a year and it’s been a YEAR.  I suppose I could sum up the year, but I’d rather provide a handful of lessons learned should you be foolish enough to try this at home.

1)   Don’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched.

2)   Sometimes you need to grab the cow by its horns

3)   Should your electric fence tester seem broken, no doubt it works just fine.

4)   When the ground is wet, push in your fence posts

5)   Lucerne is great in a drought

6)   All hail the internet!

7)   Love thy neighbor

8)   Always take time to pet a patou

9)   A retriever is mans best friend, as long as there is food

And a few before / after shots … or thus far shots
Kitchen Before:

Kitchen now:


Vines Last Year:

strong man

Vines Now:

I'm not sure why I took this photo


brent, alfalfa and me


half smile
z likes custard

The Kids:


Minty Sporting Pink Farmwear:
Winter Mint

And Now:

them boots

Old Renter Cows:

munson and the cow

OUR Cows!:

munch fest

Legend Before:


Legend Now:


Kitten Pile Before … and after really … just picture them a bit bigger:

Kitten Pile

Our grass before:

Our grass through a drought:

.. and of COURSE Ms. T-Pot:
same as before and after

muddy pot

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