Farmer Wear

farm shoes

I’ve posted on Brent’s farm wear before. We’ve increased his worker pants. He’s a man who likes consistency. He’s after a reliable source of pants. His favs are “bleu de travail.” These are the standard, blue, cotton worker wear pants of the nation. They are well made, but not branded (e.g. carhartt) which keeps predictable quality at low prices. Disco! The shoes, however, are in need of refinement. He has loads of great shoes suitable for farm work. Yet many days, you can see Brent working with the cows in his Ugg boots. These Ugg boots are from Australia and I’ve mended them twice. I would even go so far to say that they put the “ugg” in “ugly.” That tuft of fluff exploding out of the side of the boot should not be so.  I hadn’t noticed this Ugg deal until today, when I dropped him by the cows to renew their mineral lick. I drove a few feet down the drive, looked back in my rearview mirror and that’s when I saw it. A strong dude carrying a heavy cube of minerals, walking towards the girls in a rugby jumper, basketball shorts and Ugg boots. I think to myself, “is he really wearing his Ugg boots??” Yes sir, he is. To be fair, this is not the first time I’ve seen a farmer working in slippers. We climbed mountains in the Ariège with a strong lady farmer who led us around her farm in four Euro slippers. In many ways, Brent is falling seamlessly to the farmer ways of Gascony.

5 thoughts on “Farmer Wear

  1. ceciliag says:

    NO, NOT the UGGs!! You can’t wear uggs outside someone might SEE you! Mercy you poor girl! Oh I am so sorry. Distance yourself from the UGG phenomena immediately. You know i am from NZ and you know that i know that UGGS are (oh dear) suburban wear.. ok i said it.. suburban girl wear.. oh dear.. but he is comfy and it is only the cows i suppose.. poor you.. c

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