It’s Raining!

he don't like the rain

At last, some rain.  Our first year of farming in France has taught us much about drought conditions.  It rained a tiny bit in July, but for the most part we’ve been dry, dry, dry.  The kittens have no memory of July’s rain and are not impressed.  They blame us for this wet stuff dripping out of the sky.

The Salers cows (the red ones) have done a great job with all the heat.  They shed their coat and have been troupers eating the abundance of alfalfa, which is a spectacular drought resistant plant.  The Mirandaise (the white ones) are our sun worshipers.  They LOVE the heat.  Often times we catch them sunbathing on their side for a little afternoon siesta.  With this rain, the tables have turned.  Our glorious white cows are huddle up in the trees trying to work out what the heck is going on while the Salers carry on with their grass munching.  Of course as I write this, the skies are blue and the sun is on, so our Mirandaise sunbathers are back in action.
sun worship mirandaise

(photo by Mr. Curtis)
salers like rain. mirandaise don't.

It’s about time to bring up the Nutella Weather Station.  It’s beginning to get cold here, at last.  The soup is on and the Nutella is showing deviations in spreadability.  Today’s forecast is: spreadable.  No warmth required to smooth the hazelnut goodness on your Sunday morning crêpes.
nutella weather station, conditions spreadable

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