Man Potato

Man Potato
The kids dug up some potatoes for today.  Lucy planted a pile of potatoes in the neglected veggie patch.  Neglected by me because Zélie took priority.  Despite the drought and neglect, the potatoes did very well.  We have a lot of small ones, but if you keep looking you can find a “man potato.”  This is what Otto exclaimed when after finding ten teeny potatoes he uncovered a giant, man potato.  All up we found six man potatoes and a pile of teeny ones which made for a lovely dinner with some left over.

2 thoughts on “Man Potato

  1. Susan Lea says:

    Fun! We tried sweet potatoes this year since our potatoes seem to have so many rot and also to have very few “man” potatoes! The foliage is finally dying back, so time to dig them up soon. I’ll be watching for some sweet “man” potatoes.

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