When You’re A Chook

the gangs are all there
I caught my rogue chickens!  Broody’s adopted children have decided to de-coop themselves and run wild.  They roost in the trees.    During the day we have two factions.  Broody’s Bunch I call the Chooks.  Kevin and the babes … well I’ve been searching for a name.  It’s very much a Westside Story.  Every once in awhile we have a rumble.  For days I’ve been singing Chookside Story songs.  “When you’re a chook you’re a chook all the way.  When you first peck that egg to your last dyin’ day.” And “Chikitaaaah.  I just met a chook named Chikitaaaah.”   I’ve been feeding The Chooks daily closer and closer to CoopaCabana until finally, they waltzed in for their breakfast.  So I shut them in.  Then I got Kevin and the babes in.  And there they were.  The two gangs worked it all out quickly and spent the rest of the day scratching for bugs.  When it came time to roost, everyone snuggled in except The Chooks.  One Chook escaped through a hole and Brent helped me get her back in.  I mended the hole.  We turned to go settle in for the night when Brent said, “Jean, look.”  There in the trees was one of The Chooks.  Soon to follow was another Chook spreading her wings over an eight foot fence for an evening roost in the trees.  The Chooks flirted with captivity and now they’re back on the prairie.  Tonight! Tonight.  I’ll catch those chooks tonight!

9 thoughts on “When You’re A Chook

  1. ceciliag says:

    ha ha ha I know just what you are dealing with..I have given up. I have one flock in the barn and one in the chook house and now of course with Houdini and her 16 chicks.. well I am just going to wait and see.. it is just madness.. c

  2. Glad says:

    We ended up clipping our chicks wings. We tried everything to avoid it, but it ended up not being such a big deal. All the trouble ended, no more neighbor complaints. We watched a YouTube video.

    I actually like the idea of them being free. You have a lot of birds!

  3. Susan Lea says:

    We had to clip our chickens’ wings, too, much as I hated to. I loved having free-range chickens all over the property, and it worked great for a year and a half. And then a fox discovered us. It wiped out four ducks and five chickens in less than a week, even after we started putting the chickens in the barnyard with our dog to guard them–because three of them flew out, and only one came home, and she was missing all her tail feathers. That’s when I clipped their wings. Maybe we even watched the same video that Glad did! So far, so good–everyone’s staying in the barnyard where they’re safely guarded.

    It sounds like you’re changing musicals–“Tomorrow, tomorrow, there’s always tomorrow . . .” 🙂

    • Jean Curtis says:

      yep. those girls can fly. I’ve been feeding them extra to get them too fat to fly. but I think I’ll need to do a little clip-clip action.

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