Hola, Jalapeño

hola jalapeno
A friend of ours gave us a peck of peppers.  I’m not sure if there were literally a peck, but in this day-and-age, a peck to me means a shitload.  We are grass fed beef farmers.  I am a native southern Californian.  This means I know Mexican food.  Some of my bestfriends are Mexicans.  I know what I like and I know what tastes good with beef.  And so, my experimentation begins.  I am aiming to offer a few lovely sauces to accompany our beef.  I have two in mind.  One, a mild tomatillo sauce that will be like crack, but better.  I have my tomatillo seeds locked and loaded waiting for their time to grow.  The other sauce, is a hot sauce.  A few drops will do.  Brent and I have experimented with a wide range of hot sauces.  Two that stand out are Dave’s Insanity Sauce and Dixie’s BBQ “The Man.”  These are not sauces of Mexican origin, but they are fricken hot.  I would like to keep closer to baja roots and add some Southern Californian notes that will be enjoyable as well as spicy.  I will refer to this magic as Substance P.  That’s ‘P’ for pain.  We are working on names of this sauce.  Wait now, that’s it! Substance P™ .  Of course a name can’t stick until you taste it.  We’ll see how this batch goes.

Whenever I spend time in the kitchen, I have my peanut gallery.  Tosca, Legend and Bug eagerly await meaty treats that fall on the floor.  Legend picked up quickly that this dish wasn’t putting out.  Tosca was the last animal standing.  She finally groaned over for a nap without leaving her spot should any calories fall her way.

waiting for fud


Hola, Jalapeño is a favorite kids book.  “Cheese is melting out your end!”

5 thoughts on “Hola, Jalapeño

  1. Lynn says:

    Maybe I’m the last to see the site redesign, but I like it. It’s brattier.

    But oh, oh, oh-h-h-h, tomatillo sauce in France. Seriously, I can’t wait. If you can’t get the Grande Epicerie to carry it, I’m just going to have to drive to your house and pick some up!

    Good hot sauce would be a hit here in Paris. I think.

    • Jean Curtis says:

      thanks! I think the new theme is brattier as well :). SubstanceP v1 has come out a hit! MIld. but fantastic on eggs. I need to make sure I can replicate before I send it out in the wild.

    • Jean Curtis says:

      Substance P v1 is great. Next step … try with beef. I’ll need to refine it a bit to make sure it’s perfect. THEN I’ll have to spread the word :).

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