Culinary Nirvana


On the door of our fridge, I rolled out some white board contact paper. On it I list “what’s in the fridge.” A few days ago I hit a chef’s dream. Not only did we have various animal fats to cook with, we had a surplus of duck parts and pastured pig.

I’m very proud of the contents of my fridge.  I try very hard to keep it full of local food free from packaged nonsense.

On the list was:

To Cook:

Duck Breast

Sausage Meat (made by me! and like, it tastes good! OMG!)

Foie Gras

Duck Hearts

Pumpkin Purée

Poitrine fumée

Duck yum for stock



Brie de Maubert



Mirepoix on standby, champagne chilled, I was ready to cook damn near everything. I’ve not picked up foie gras in awhile because it’s been out of season as well as expensive. When our grass-fed beef is sold and loved, I hope to add our weekly foie gras back in the budget. This set of duck parts was given to us by our neighbor. Their brother accidently cut down our a boundary hedge and fence which was REALLY disappointing. Brent called them on it and they felt very bad for their mistake. A few weeks later the lady stopped by with a pile of duck. When we shared our experience with an American friend of ours, he pointed out that often this type of mistake is usually resolved with a lawsuit rather than foie gras. Honestly, I think I prefer the foie gras route.


We’re still in warm-mode. The only fires we’ve burned have been more for novelty than necessity. On the Nutella Weather Station, we’re still spreadable but with chance of stodgy bits. The Nutella is beginning to need a bit of warmth to spread. Bug the cat has assumed his winter position under Fremont. Every once in awhile he’ll step out to cool down before another warming session. GreyCute, our house-cat-in-training, has following his lead by snugging for hours on the green chair.

spreadable with need of warmth

housecat in training

3 thoughts on “Culinary Nirvana

  1. Susan Lea says:

    What is charhoochie-coochie? Except for the duck hearts, it sounds wonderful, especially the foie gras and the Brie! My mouth is watering. Do you share your sausage recipe? We just got 2 pigs butchered, and this time we’re using his sausage recipe which we have tasted and like. But next time I’d like to try to make some myself. We’re going to cure and smoke the hams and bacon ourselves (myself), so I figured that was enough for the first time!

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