He Shoots, He Scores!

A big parental sigh has been let out as Otto has discovered an interest in basketball.  We are in the land of Rugby.  When the men meet Otto and are told his age, they immediately begin plans for him to join Rugby.  Try as I might to steer clear of eye-gouging and concussions, I suspect Rugby is in the cards for my only son.  For now, it’s basketball.  I LOVES me some basketball.  I was privileged to see Michael Jordan win one of his final games in Seattle.  I had also started the audition process to become a Sonics Girl. Reason One, to see a lot of basketball.  Reason Two, so Brent could say he’s dating a Sonics Girl.  I never got my act together to complete the Sonics Girl process, I joined silly ol’ High-Tech instead.

Basketball is an American game.  And of all the places in all of France we happened to move into a set of villages who play a lot of basketball.   I’m thrilled.

Otto got a little bump from the ball, no doubt practicing his charging.  The lady took him over and gave him (as Brent describes) the “magic sponge.”  He sat out for a tiny bit and then got back into the game.



Otto had his first match yesterday in Barcelona (in the Gers, not Spain).  They play three on three.  He is a “mini-poussin” which means “little chicken” in French.  There were three teams at the meet: another little-chicken team and clearly a big-chicken team.  The kids in red were much taller than the others and they scored quite a bit more than either little-chicken team.  Otto’s team won one against the green team and lost to the big-chickens.  Otto made a few points. Go Otto! I found the games to be fast, fun and interesting.  The kids were clearly into the game.  They all tried their best while practicing the skills they’re learning.



Now I need to email Kevin so he’ll tell me what setting to use for fast-action, indoor sports. I think I’ve got close-up food down. My basketball shots are blurry and funny.



The beginning of Zélie watching a whoooole lotta basketball.


5 thoughts on “He Shoots, He Scores!

  1. Kevin Grealish says:

    I think you are on the right track by using shutter priority. Indoor action is really hard as there is never enough light. Some motion blur is what you want for some shots (1/125) but if you want to freeze human action you really need to get up to 1/250th of a second which will likely mean wide open aperture with a zoom lens even with high ISO, and the camera will still flashing Lo at you. Your camera will do better than mine.

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