The Day The Vineyard Died

Well, it was dead awhile ago, but the big, brown piles have been set ablaze.  No longer will I hum, “Sigmund the sea monster and Johnny and Scott are friends” as I go off on errands.  To me they’ve always resembled little Sigmund.  To others they might be Daleks or Pleasure GELFs.  Either way, they’re gone now and we can move on with getting the pasture lush and bountiful for the herd.
I'm not sure why I took this photo

There are LOADS of volunteer vines throughout the old vineyard.  I’m planning on digging some up and erecting a little mini-vineyard to remember what this farm once was.


Brent picked up the kids from school and they saw ten giant bonfires.  They were giddy with excitement.  We all hung around the one located outside of the villa and tossed wood in.  They quickly learned that the white stuff on the ground was actually really, really hot.

There will be a few more Sigmund burnings today.  When all the piles burn to the ground, the vineyard-burning man comes around and digs holes to bury the metal.  And that will be that.

Adishatz, vineyard and thanks for all the grapes.

5 thoughts on “The Day The Vineyard Died

  1. bc says:

    They do look like Camille the pleasure gelf.

    I’m guessing we’ll get another six today but I haven’t checked out the dude’s piling system yet.

  2. bc says:

    Josh, the residue gets buried a few meters deep. It is full of nails and metal attachments that came out of the burnt posts so it has to go underground for the safety of the cows. Then the whole field may get ploughed if it is too bumpy then disced a couple of times and seeded with something.

    The good news is we discovered the organic part of the soil goes 60-80cm deep all over the farm. I’ve been checking out the holes as he digs them. This doesn’t change our plans but it is nice to know the soil here is good.

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