This Week, On Jean Acres

Mr. Vine Man came to finish the vines.  It turns out he brought a truck to haul out the hot wire.  I tried to rush and get my camera to capture the smoking wire as it smoked a trail down our driveway, but one can only run so fast carrying a baby in the backpack.  They carried other wire that was not so hot, but to wrap it all up today, they had to grab some of the hot stuff.

Michael came out while I was doing my chicken run and mentioned that the water was out.  Occasionally, we’ll get a little water blip when the village does some maintenance on the water line.  They don’t always tell us and the water comes back so quickly, it’s never a problem.  Michael and I joked how “gee water cuts off right as vine men show up” ha ha ha.  And then Mr. Vine Man came knocking on our door saying, “coupé l’eau.”  To you and me that means, “whoops, I fucked up and cut your water line.”  He quickly popped over to the water man.  The water man came out with some help and we had our water up and running within the hour.  Now that is service!  This is the part where I love our small village and our strong community.  Getting the water cut off is always a great reminder for us to have our back-up water plan.  With the drought, the lakes are slowly filling up, but not as quickly as we’d like.  We have a pretty awesome well outside our front door that we hope get running in the near future.  For some odd reason, I always have a liter or two of drinking water in a pitcher somewhere and Brent keeps the cows water full before we tuck them in at night.  If the water gets cut off, we have some room to troubleshoot.


After we checked out the water situation, Brent, me and Z went for a Detroit pasture walk.  Kevin gave Brent an awesome hat that he no longer wears.  I think it may be a pumpkin that bought a normal size issue.  Surprisingly, it fit Brent’s pumpkin quite perfectly.  After he’s been happily wearing it for a while he looked closer at the label and noticed that this cool Aussie hat (akubra) is called a “cattleman.”  He wears it all the time.  I love the look and I thank Kevin for allowing me to wear it home for Brent.

On our walk we saw Bambi and friends that live in our forest.  Legend ran a tiny bit to check out what was what, but kept close.  He’s a guarder not a chaser.  He watched the deer intently and made sure they didn’t harm us.  He’s a good pup that Legend.
GrayCute and CandyShop held their position by the barn should any more water-line-cutting trouble come our way.  Thankfully our barns are safe due to their nap … I mean guard.

I did a little Christmas shopping today.  We’re on a tight budget, which makes for some inventive and fun Christmas finds.  In the past, Brent and I give each other a limit, say ten or twenty bucks.  Then, on Christmas Eve we pop into Coles or Safeway and come home with a brilliant Christmas present.  He has sipped coffee from his High School Musical mug for months!  Brent usually wins on cool, crazy gifts for ten bucks at Coles, but this year I hope to top him.

While I was out I picked up some food.  After all that talk on generics, I totally left out the evil Carrefour Kid generic that lifts at least twenty centimes from you for each food item directed at moms and dads.  And tonight, I TOTALLY FELL FOR IT.  There it was, Carrefour Discount fish sticks VS Carrefour Kids fish sticks.  Fish sticks are pretty much the only junk food we feed the kids.  It’s fish.  It’s fast. It’s delicious.  I knew I’d be late so I thought I fry up some of these beauties in lard.  But did I buy the Carrefour Discount sticks?? No, no.  I spent at least twenty extra centimes to recycle a box with a picture of Donald Duck and his minions.  The kids washed theirs hands, sat down for dinner, ate and went off without ever knowing that Donald was there representing the food.  In fact, Donald’s expression on the package is EXACTLY what I did when I realized at the cash register what the heck just happened.  Oblivious little duck children carrying their fish with grumpy parent pissed off that he was a victim of marketing.  I know the fish sticks in the white packet are the same as in the blue packet and yet still I acquiesced.

3 thoughts on “This Week, On Jean Acres

  1. Kevin Grealish says:

    I’m glad the Cattleman hat has found a noble purpose. Even if it fit me, wearing it in my life would only carry novelty value.

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