I Went To A Christmas Market In France

A friend of ours rang me up to say hello and see if we’d be interested in going to one of these Christmas markets that are oat-and-aboat at this time of year.  There were things for the kiddies, so how could I resisit?!  It was in the village of Fourcès.  Were someone to blindfold me and place me in the village of Fourcès, then asked me, “where are you right now?”  My response to that question would be, “Disneyland?  Hee hee?”  Then I would be buzzed out of the village, hugely wrong.  For I would not be in Disneyland, you stupid Californian, I would be in the beautiful village of Fourcès that hosts a small, but BEAUTIFUL Christmas market.  So much joy was had by my four chit’lins, I could hardly contain my shutter speed.

After getting our free balloon animal, we walked around the scene skillfully calculating our retort to
“Oh Look!!! A Merry GO ROUND!!” and “THE DUCK GAME!!! MOMMY LOOK!!! THE DUCK GAME!!!!”  It was all going so well.  The Merry Go Round Scam, as I’ve splained before, is where they get your money for a fun kiddy ride, but leech Euro after Euro with the mop scheme.  Two kids get on the Merry-Go-Round, fun and roundie-ness is had, one of your kids catches “the mop.”  The Mop means FREE RIDE for the mop catcher!! WEEEE!  The poor sap who didn’t catch the mop, who is friends with the one who catches the mop, sadly, does not get a ride.  BOO!  Mom, steps in to save the day with another Euro or three so mop-catcher and non-mop catcher can both enjoy the fun exactly equally perfectly squared.  And the cycle continues as lazy, non-mop catcher  finally gets their shit together to catch the mop … oh but they have friends and oooooh you can’t let their friends sit by and watch the winner enjoy another ride … so you need to fork out another Euro or three … okay so we skipped the wee-have-fun-spending-mommyandDaddysmoney-rides.

The Duck Game is easy to skip.  I can spend twelve Euros allowing my kiddies to fish ducks and get a shitty prize OR I can give them each a Euro or two for not playing the Duck Game and come out ahead!  And then, after we hit the candy bar of heaven, they forget the whole deal.  Win!

santa mint

Aside from those silly games, the fair was fantastic.  Our friend quickly found a map of the very small town and located a little playground.  The kids played for many, many minutes dare I say hours on a great open area.  We went back in to the Christmas fun to meet Santa and dodge another round of horses carrying merriment in a sleigh.  Santa gave the kids some great attention giving bon bons to Otto and Minty leaving Lucy with Taffy.  Even though I understood this horrible atrocity,  Lucy reiterated in volume approaching eleven that, “Taffy sucks” and “Chocolate covered caramel is divine.”

The chestnuts were roasting on an open fire and my husband is writing a blogpost while listening to Britney Spears. Holy crap we have four kids! They’re all snuggled up to Santa.  Life is good.  Life is quick.

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