We Have Boolb



Here are a few tidbits …

Our neighbor told us that this is the time when the foxes and other chicken eating creatures hit the hunt during the day as the cold nights approach.  I’ve not had any fox problems.  I think Tosca and Legend keep the foxes away.  But chickens have gone a-missin’.  So, the poor things are kept captive in CoopaCabana until I get my eggmobile on.  It’s so on the list.  I want to build it and love it and move it and call it Steve.  It’s just … it’s just … I don’t know … it’s just not getting done.  But gaddammit, that fox ate FattyPat.  She was mine!  She was fat.  We wanted to try an old, fat chicken in the pot, cook it for hours and hours and see how wonderful it would taste, but no.  Mr. Fox beat me to it.  Kevin and the babes are shut in until I get this thing built.  I will do it.  I said it out loud now, therefore it must be so.


The kiddies are out of school.  France enjoys a lot of vacation and I am fully amenable to this tendency.  Lucy had her last fencing class in Musketeer-ville.  She was the only one in class on the last day due to extremely high winds.  Her teacher gave her a one-on-one lesson and taught her some new things.  She calls Lucy her “little champion.”  I’m not sure if she’s any good, but she is VERY good at learning it and loves it, so I can’t be happier.


While Brent was at fencing with Lucy, Otto walked off the bus with a “boolb.”  To you and me, it’s a bulb.  More specifically a hyacinth bulb.  They grew them at school.  Now it is at home with us.  The kids speak French very well.  Occasionally we hit a little franglais.  This kid hasn’t hit the word “bulb” before and now he calls it a “boolb” because it’s all he knows.

4 thoughts on “We Have Boolb

  1. ceciliag says:

    Oh how sweet! fencing must be fantastic for a kid to learn. and i want a Steve too, but mercy it is so far down on the list!! we worked all day just fixing doors on the barn so the snow (if it ever comes) does not blow into the barn and ruin the hay.. but aren’t we lucky.. boolb.. that is precious c

    • Jean Curtis says:

      yikes! snow! We got a pretty dusting last year. That’s about all the snow I can take. I like it when I can say, “aaaah” just before it melts away.

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