Christmas Eve Eve




It’s a holiday unto itself.  On the sixteenth of December, Otto collapsed into his desire to eat the entire advent calendar.  Despite some counsel regarding taunting sisters, he ate his way up to and including the twenty-second of December.  Did he eat Christmas Eve Eve?  No.   Because Christmas Eve Eve is a holiday.  It’s a day of excruciating cheer.

Christmas Eve comes with its own minty ooze of false hopes and visions of presents tightly stacked and packed under the tree.  Oh there will be presents, donchoo worry, but it’s never as high or as packed as a kid can imagine.  We latched on to a tradition my mom used to curb the excitement.  Though, technique would be more accurate.  On Christmas Eve we let the kids pick one present from under the tree and open it.  Any present they want.  Any one of these four presents right here.  Pick any one.  Pick any one with your name on it.  We all know what’s inside.  When you open a brand new set of snuggy jammies the night before Christmas, it’s when Christmas really begins.

We’ve received a handful of Christmas cards this year.  I love the cards!  It is so much trouble to send a card to France.  You can’t simply stick a stamp on it and be done.  I really appreciate seeing the pictures of families and receiving that little dose of spirit from other parts of the world.  Some include Christmas letters summing up the wonderful year that was had.  They are always a hoot to read.  I’ve launched a blank document of a popular wordsmith application a few years in a row to pen some such letter.  After the first sentence (e.g. “Whoah what a year!” – “Gee has time whizzed by or what?!” – “Hi folks!”), I close without saving because writing a Christmas letter is not for me.  I had thought about wrting an anti-Christmas letter describing how dismal it all went and maybe send it out sometime in July.  I also toyed with the idea of sending out a non-Christmas letter similar in design to Paul Taylor’s “dance” where he stood still for the entirety of the piece.  Or similar feeling to Bert and Ernie’s broken television set that flashes the letter of the day over and over until Ernie fixes it.  Our Christmas letter would be a sparse piece of A4 with one word in the middle summing up the year.  I’ve thought of a few words like cow, farm, holycrap (is holycrap one word?).  This could only be improved by summing up the year in a letter.  With that in mind, this year has been brought to us by the letter ‘F.’  Sure, I could tell you why, but that wouldn’t be very Taylor of me.

Happy Holidays to y’all and to y’all a good night night.













the letter f











One thought on “Christmas Eve Eve

  1. ceciliag says:

    I for one am really looking forward to my Un Christmas Letter in July. ! If nothing else I am sure it will be full of surprises! Have a good day, even an ordinary calm one would be good enough for me!! c

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