Cinnamon Buns

Well, cinnamon rolls really.  Our family loves the word “buns.”  I make buns every so often.  I could even see myself running a line of Jean’s Buns in the future.  I’ll stick anything in a bun with sauce.  My mom every so often would make cinnamon rolls for Christmas day.  I thought I’d giver ‘er a go this year and makes me some buns.  It was my first effort.  Though they were edible, they were also a bit delayed.  I was hoping to pop them in the oven when the kids giddied around the house on Christmas morning.  Not only do you need to raise the dough once, after you roll your cute, little buns, you need to raise them again for a couple of hours.  And according to Nutella WeatherCam ™, it was a bit frosty today. Which means inside this Gascon house, Nutella spreading requires heated crêpe to spread.  This is all to say that my dough doth not riseth.  I did nestle it in all cozy like next to Mr. Green, but I think the yeast had checked out.  I did get a little rise out of it and decided to stick it in the oven to see what would happen.  After twenty minutes, delicious buns emerged.  I popped a quick sugar glaze on those babies and off they went.

Now with each passing day, I find myself more of a Fannie Farmer kinda girl.  It’s the cookbook that instructs recipe after recipe to stick shit in a bowl, mix it, cook it.  After twenty minutes, everything comes out just fine.  I do, however, have a pile of Cooks Illustrated material.  I often start there when I’m trying something new.  Quickly I descend into a mumbling housewife, looking for her wine and wondering when this damn Cooks Illustrated recipe will get on with it already.  They tend to go ON AND ON about how they determined this recipe to be “the best” recipe.  And, I don’t care.  I do enjoy many of their recipes, but I wish they were five double-clicks removed from what they publish.  So many times have I started with Cooks Illustrated, got pissed and began to abandoned steps left and right.  It’s rebelish.  It’s liberating.  Then I consult Fannie Farmer and low-and-behold, my missing steps match up with the Fannie version.  Fannie is for people who want to cook good shit without all the pots, pans and nonsense.  This cinnamon roll recipe was the makings of Cooks Illustrated with the execution of Fannie.  Even with sheepish yeast, the buns tasted a’ite.

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