Today, In Farmville …


Brent and the boys moved material.


fairy lulu

Lucy played “Musketeer Fairy.”


9 degrees Celsius

Minty Played with Lucy.


lil muffin

Muffin moped.


z zz

Zélie Macked.



G moved a ladder under the Gascon Sun.


Purse In A Tree

Two chinese-made purses hung in an evergreen tree.  One later broke.


Leg End

Legend surveyed.


Another Year, Another Tutu

Kids frolicked.  Majority avec tutu.


Tosca not photographed as she was guarding the fire and providing the finest quality assurance for any dropped crumbs created by resident one-year-old.  She’s good like that.  It’s a tough job, but some dog’s gotta do it.


2 thoughts on “Today, In Farmville …

  1. Gladys says:

    Precious history. It looks lovely there, kids in T’s and sunshine. Me, I am on the coast watching a storm front move in. There was a dead whale on the beach that was an amazing event.

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