What Are Those White Tsings?


I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m very proud when I don’t have to leave the farm.  I was a girl who had to go out at least once a day to feel like the day was a day.  Now I’m up to my nose in projects that I love getting stuck into, I can’t be bothered leaving.  We have all we need right here (I know, so very Dorothy-Scarecrow of me).  While I secure my dairy connection, I have to leave at least once a week to get fresh milk.  The kids are ALL AT HOME (weeeee!) and Brent is a bit ill.  Minty is full of beans.  I felt I should take her with me (and Z) to the shops so she wouldn’t wake Brent up every five minutes.  I’ve had this happen.   It’s torture.  It takes one, maybe two minutes to fall to sleep.  Another minute to slip into deep sleep and BAMN – “Mommy, mommy.  Isn’t Lamby cute?”  Off we went.

As we approached our closest big village (population 3,628. Big city compared to our 301.) Minty asked me, “Mommy.  Mommy, what are those white tsings?”  She, of course, meant “things.”  I wouldn’t go so far as to say the girl has a lisp, I mean she’s learning two languages.  What’s the brotha gonna do.  She’s four.  “What things?” I asked.  “Zose lines in the road,”  she clarifies.  Then I realized she meant the dashed white lines dividing the road.  Yes, Minty is developing her country roots.  I explained that  those lines divide the road in two.  I drive on one side and those people coming the other way drive on the other.  Can you imagine only knowing back country roads without dashed, white paint?  Don’t even get me started on ten lane carriageways.  Not this city girl.  She’s a very special Mint, our Minty.



** notice though, that she does the “hollywood hand-on-hip” to lessen any tricep spillage.  Totally organic.  I taught her nothing.  She’s a natural.

2 thoughts on “What Are Those White Tsings?

  1. Gladys says:

    I have always had the rule, “don’t buy a house on a street with a line down the middle”. It means there is traffic, which is not pet/kid safe. No white tsings for me!!

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