This Year Brought To You By The Letter ‘F’

looking for gold
F is for Family.

F is for Farm.

F is for Fun.

F is for Food.

F is for France.

a very big zucchini

F is for Fevette.  Who taught me early on what cows were capable of.

F is for Fuck.  As in “what the fuck have we done?”

F is for Firetruck.  Thank you Michael for providing an alt word for “fuck.”

F is for FuckYeah.  This steak … “FuckYeah!” tastes fantastic. (need alt word for FuckYeah)

F is for Fantastic.
water dish clean

F is for Friends.


kevin and the kids

F is for Four.  Three was great.  Four kids is better than great.

F is for Feu.  Pot au Feu.  Yummy, soul satisfaction.  Feu.  Bon Feu.  They lit our vineyards on feu.  Feu. The villa was on feu.

Lightning Strikes
F is for Fat.  Pig fat tastes good.  Pork chops taste good.

F is for Finances.

F is for Freebies.

F is for Fencing.

F is for Fencing.

F is for Fannie Farmer!

F is for Fancy.  We dress up all fancy on Saturday night because it’s date night.

F is for Fit.  I wouldn’t go so far as to call Brent fat, but this farming stuff makes you fit.  Brent is fit.

F is for Fix.

F is for Fowl.

F is for Fart. Maximet le Cacahuète Qui Pet

F is for Fleather.

F is for Fluff.
legend with mud smudge

F is for Fuzz.

Kitten Pile

F is for Fremont. F for Freezing! implied.
loyal hounds

F is for Finish this post already.

Have a FABULOUS night and a FAST and FURIOUS new year.

3 thoughts on “This Year Brought To You By The Letter ‘F’

  1. Jill B. says:

    Happy New Year to you JC and thank you for sharing your beautiful family/farm life with us city slickers!
    F is for flippin’ fine!

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