Somewhere, Somehow A Stig Is Watching You

the stig
A friend of ours gave Otto a Stig full of body wash (If you give someone a Christmas gift and they don’t blog about, does it make a sound?).  Otto thought the statue of The Stig was okay.  When I showed him that it secretly contained soap for the shower he was immediately pleased in that “ooo. Secret treasure” sort of way.  He ran upstairs and put it in the bathroom for later use.  Cut to nine hours later, end of the day, kids in bed, I hop in for a shower.  Water is hot.  Carrefour Discount soap nicely lathered.  Total calm except for a strange feeling I’m being watched.  I then notice The Stig, arms folded, face hidden staring at me.  Creepy.  I give him a little scooch which faces him the other way.  I have a feeling we’ll be refilling The Stig when his soap runs dry, but he will have to rest in the obstructed view section.

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