All Burners A-Go-Go

For the first time ever, I needed to use all burners.  Sure, I “can” use all the burners, but tonight, I “needed” to use them.  We’re a two fry-pan family now.  Back in our yuppie years, we had a schmancy six burner mega-monster that took (and I quote the contractor here) “four gorillas” to bring up our forty-five steps.  It had mad hot BTU, USB, MSG and LMNOP.  And honestly, I would have been better off with a two burner Hobart second hand from a closing café.  Because really, what are you going to do with all those burners?  Sauce-n-Stuff is a two burner meal.  I LOVE our current stove.  We got it second hand for two-fiddy.  Over the years, Brent and I moved through an electric MagicChef, graduated to the Wolf and downgraded to whatever was cheap that day cause we need a stove NOW.  I learned this: what you really need is to use fresh ingredients and know how to cook.  The stove n’est pas sans importance.

8 thoughts on “All Burners A-Go-Go

  1. ceciliag says:

    oh yeah! you know – to grill on this stupid american stove – i have you have to lie on the floor to check the food. the grill is IN THE WARMING DRAWER! uner the oven.. have you ever heard of anything so feckin’ stupid! don’t get me started on stoves! c

    • Jean Curtis says:

      okay, so they sell those pots by the kilo here. nothing fancy, but extremely useful. The ones on the stove are our fancy anniversary prez. each year we bought a pot until we bought a farm and then we sort of got all peasant farmer-like.

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