Well, I’m a Sel Snob

Thankfully it fits within my peasant farmer budget.  In Seattle, I was approaching Salmon Snob.  I never could master salmon ‘ella ella ella … eh eh eh.  But, I really loved that white, wild caught white salmon that turned up at my favorite fishmonger to which I paid my yuppie premium.   No, but salt.  I can tell you now that I prefer sel de Guérande to sel de Camargue.  I taste it.  I could prolly do a blind taste-off.  It’s rad.  I’m pretty satisfied with your run-of-the-mill sel de gris, but give me a Guérande and fah-guetta-bout-it.  Love that taste  It’s truly better.  Husband is playing Britney. K. now J-loi and Pitbull doh! now David Guetta (well not so bad and hard to avoid as he dominates the radio and I hate him but DAMN! everything he creates makes you want t screeeeeeeeam! and here you are reading a silly little post about salt not knowing shit about David Guetta. knowing more than you knew about David Guetta.  you go!).  K. done here.

8 thoughts on “Well, I’m a Sel Snob

  1. wobbly says:

    Give her a glass of wine and a keyboard… Hey, at least you didn’t buy some expensive piece of furniture. Happy anniversary Girlest!

    Now I’m singing ‘where them girls at’.

    • Jean Curtis says:

      heh. right. no furniture. just a minute manifesto on my salt preference. I’ll do better next time 🙂 and a big happy anniversary to you too! maybe we can hook up.

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