Look Hoo Popped In



On Saturday night we turn on Mr. Green (our woodburner) and  listen to Pick of the Pops.    This Saturday the kids and I went down to visit friends in our old hood.  Pick of the Pops was postponed to Sunday.  Brent was off downloading the show and I went to light the fire.  I open up Mr. Green and he started flapping.  A quick close of the door and a flashlight, I saw two very big peeping eyes.  A gorgeous, Potter-esque owl had descended for a little snug in the woodburner.  Brent gently took it out of Mr. Green in the library with a towel.  It gracefully flew off into the night.

Otto, Minty and Lucy Play Charades

Lucy: [A Jaguar]
Our Guess: A Cheetah! NO. A Leopard! NO.
Lucy: Claw claw, roar roar! You want a hint? It starts with “Jah” …I suspect the three spotted animals would be charaded in the same way.

Minty: [A princess walking a pig]
Our Guess: A lady?!
Minty: I’m no lady! I’m a Princess!


Otto: [A mailman delivering a newspaper to a lady]
Our Guess: I don’t know.
Otto: “can’t you see?! He gives her the paper every TUEsday”


It’s Melting! It’s Melting!



The office where we write has been five degrees C ( for those impervious to Celsius, that’s a solid 41F ) and dropping. It’s very, very, very “fecking” cold. I curse myself daily for not getting that last twelve rolls of insulation I’ve been meaning to pick up. The cold here doesn’t last that long, so it’s almost quaint. But quaint it ain’t. The snow hasn’t melted for a week or so. And did I mention that it’s cold? Am I whining? I can’t be too upset, our toilets flush and our water runs which is more than I can say for some of our friends. We’re locked and loaded for spring. Bring on Spring.

If you keep moving, the cold wears off and you get in the zone. Sit down for ten minutes and the chill sets in. Today, we’re above the negative temperatures and things are dripping away. The show must go on in this cold and each day Brent is out there feeding the cows and keeping on top of our next pile of work. He says that it’s cold, but it is stunning. Gorgeous pasture, woolly cows and sweet smelling hay from our first cut last Spring reminds you that we’re just about through this winter crap and moving on to the busy time of seeding.





Brent parks his tractor out in the cold with a view for a few days with a little bale of hay to keep it warm.  When it thaws, hopefully it’ll get running again.  We learned a few things about running a tractor in the cold.  We’re not a tractor heavy type of farm, so with a little muscle, he keeps things running.

It Snowed! Again!

Still not midwest level, but let’s just say things are white.
minty catching snowflakes
Minty catches snowflakes.
GrayCute pleading for us to stop this white madness.
the hay must roll on

Brent works on a Sunday.  Frozen urine covered cowpats are cold.

Otto finds a recipient for his well made snowbomb.

cold feet

Chickens flying everywhere.  It was like The Birds, but with chickens.  Our chickens got cold feet.

It Snowed!


The cows are happy.


The chickens are scratching for worms.


The patou has found his happy place.


Otto has turned seven.


Tosca secures the warmth by the fire.


Minty explains the importance of essential cold weather gear.


Z likes to sit in boxes.