Thanks for All the Fish


(Gratuitus Zélie pic.  … can’t help myself.   She’s our poupette.)

It can’t be April Fools Day without sharing how many giggles are had slapping paper fish on the backs of your friends.  I experienced April Fools Day pranks in America with mediocre hilarity.  I don’t find it exhilarating.  Then I moved to France and learned about the fish.  Poisson d’Avril is more accessible to everybody and everybody gets to participate.  This year, April the first falls on a non-school day.  Our peanut gallery of Curtis kids snickered and giggled all morning while preparing a tsunami of festive paper fish.  No cat, cake or Daddy’s bum was spared.  Even little Zélie walked (yes she’s walking!) around with a festive fish on her back for hours.  I think it’s still there.



2 thoughts on “Thanks for All the Fish

  1. Jill Blackwood says:

    Hello from San Diego! ‘Z’ is just beautiful!
    I had to tell you we love all your posts! Thanks for sharing a taste of France.
    It is grey and rainy a rare day in So. Cal.
    Happy April!
    Jill B.

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