France Has Brown Eggs


So if you are looking at dying eggs for Easter like an American, you should secure some chickens that lay white eggs.  Which we have.  Which I’ve carefully collected this past week while beating the rat that was eating them.  But it wasn’t a rat, it was a cat.  A cat that isn’t ours.  And we got five. Five eggs, though we also have five cats.


Minty turned five. Her friends showed up for the party despite the big two week vacation.


Three hours of princess nation elation. Zélie played the part of “doll.”


Otto played basketball and won.


After, they all ate croissants with chocolate bars to stuff inside washed downed with Coke.


Brent moved the cows and fed “the boys” (our three bulls) in his jammies.

jammy day

It is an unavoidable obligation to photograph your husband if he does ManWork™ in his jammies.

7 thoughts on “France Has Brown Eggs

  1. Andrew says:

    My family and I were just joking this morning about dying brown eggs. We may have 2 or 3 white bantam eggs, but the rest are all brown.
    How though does a cat get to your eggs? I dare say that cats can be a problem. I had a particularly ornery cat that killed 2 of my Faverolles.

    • Jean Curtis says:

      This cat, a tabby, works a little hole in the egg and licks out the goopy bits. This is why I thought it was a rat. Rats eat the good stuff and leave. I’ve had magpie issue as well, but they take the entire egg and fly away with it. Tosca the dog is on to her, so she might move along soon.

  2. Susan Lea says:

    Beautiful family, pj’s or no! Bad cat! My bad cat uses the newly planted garden beds as a potty box. It makes it yucky trying to thin plants, not to mention they come up in all sorts of odd places after being scratched around in! But I think your bad cat is worse!

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