Project: Cattle Pen


Project Cattle Pen is in full effect.  Concrete has been poured.  Posts have been placed.  Barriers have been mounted.  Brent spent a lot of time designing this beauty and running it passed me for feedback.  As he does have a software developer background, the final design exists on a whiteboard.  This same whiteboard was carried out to the cattle pen site as a specification when he worked with one of our neighbors.  While we were in the design phase, I tried my best to stick to my roots and play the role of “tester.”  Only instead of thinking: USER, I thought: COW.  As a former software test engineer, I’ve spent many hours staring at a whiteboard while some geek hand waves an important feature.  Asking all the important questions – “can I eat it in a box?”; “can I eat it with a fox?” – I can’t help myself and go write something up with more detail.  There exists a paper version of Project Cattle pen, but it’s hardly to scale.  My three meter and six meter barriers appear to be of equal size.  The paper version, however, is more resistant to spasmodic one-year-olds carrying paper towels.

Brent’s work also has to cope with holes that can or cannot be dug, barriers that arrived as the wrong size as well as important design “gotchas” that became apparent after the work (read: concrete) has been placed.  All these things so far have been recoverable and Project Cattle pen keeps on truckin’.


This neighbor of ours knows a lot about leveling and concrete and such things, which was hugely helpful. I know nothing about leveling and concrete and such things, so I learned a lot.  He taught me how to mix concrete.  I got to know our new concrete mixer by mixing Lucerne seed a week ago.  And just like my “pig fucker” kitchenaid, it goes ‘round and mixes shit.  He gave me the recipe for concrete, which is written on the back of my recipe for chili.  One of the boys helped shovel in the dry ingredients and suddenly we had concrete.  I felt empowered.


more to come on Project: Cattle Pen …

5 thoughts on “Project: Cattle Pen

  1. Andrew says:

    Very nice looking handling facility so far.
    I have a few questions though.

    1) Are the posts painted or galvanized steel?
    2) Do they come with the tabs and pins on them, or did you weld them on?

    We have been using steel posts to put up a new lot fence, but ours are very thick-walled pipe, with no paint or coating, so they get quite rusty. I’m sure ours will last many years, but your posts look much nicer.

  2. bc says:

    These posts are galvanized (or just ‘galva’ in French. Those tabs came pre-welded although there are collars that you can bolt on – you can see a couple of collars on the furthest pait of posts just before the chute.

    I have a few questions and issues, as one usually does with projects like these. We’ve tried out the chute on a mother cow already and it seems to work fine despite the huge horns but the crash gate seems a little flimsy to trust with my safety.

  3. Chris says:

    Forget the cows…..can I have your recipe for that pizza?? It looks divine! Greetings from Washington!

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