A Short Movie List


When I was growing up going to school, I went to the movies once.  I vaguely remember the event having some moral obligation or lesson by recycling cans, saving up and finally getting to go to the movie.  The movie we went to see had no part in the build up or learning process.  It was Return of the Jedi.  Being a young girl, I did enjoy the movie.  Had they the budget for the desired Wookie Planet, things may have not been so grand.  The Ewoks were cute to the eleven-year-old female population.  What can I say, it was my “Jar Jar.”  Schooling the children in France has some insightful differences.  Movies are art.  They are culture.  They are part of expression.  They mean something.  If you’ve ever sat down and watched a French film, you can see that.  The detail is refreshing.  The story is amusing or horrific or realistic.  The picture is beautiful.  Over the past few years, the kids have ventured out to the big city and watched many films as a school field trip, not all of them French.  Here is a list of five that happened recently.  I would recommend all of them.  The kids really enjoyed them.

The Cameraman – 1928, American film, Buster Keaton film

A Cat in Paris – 2010, Une vie de chat, French film

Red Like The Sky – 2006, Rosso come il cielo, Italian film

The Secret World of Arrietty – 2010, Kari-gurashi no Ariett, Japanese film

The Way Home – 2002, Jibeuro, South Korea

4 thoughts on “A Short Movie List

  1. John M says:

    Only slightly to do with movies: we are in Orlando at an empire built by a movie studio. It is 32C here. The Nutella is almost flowing, which makes us think of you.

    • Jean Curtis says:

      heh. Yes, I’ll betchya can drink Nutella through a straw on most days in Orlando. It’s been so wet here, my Nutella weather station has been non-eventful. Maybe I should try it as a rain meter.

    • Jean Curtis says:

      oh totally. We have a Brit DVD version of those staring Bilbo Baggins. The kids love them. I should get the books!

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