Bloom Again The Calla Lily


Oh those Calla lillies.  Love ’em.  It’s been so wet lately, I wasn’t sure if they’d flip their fancy, white bloom in my face.


You see, the way the Gascon house works is: it keeps cold in or warm in and gently transitions to what you need when.  So, my Nutella Weather Station has been relatively unchanged.  We fought hard to keep it above single digits (Celcius) through the winter.  With all the rain, I’ve stuck ‘er outside to try it out as a rain meter or pluviomètre (it’s true, things sound better in French at times).  The kittens played their part in cleaning off any Nutella that may get in the way of rain metering.  The children helped fill it with water when they gave ol’ Tossy her Sunday bath.  Aside from that, we got this much rain today.  And let me tell you, the grass is growing like grass!



She’s clean.  She’s a toss pot.  She’s a clean Tosca.

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