Mini Basket


Otto participated in a département – wide basketball match.  Basketball is called “basket” (say that with a French accent if you will).  It turns out of all the departements, in all the villages, in all the world, we walked into a strong basketball program.  With my tall American boy, who is genuinely interested in basketball, he signed up and has enjoyed each week and each match.


As his parents, we try to support his motivation.  He totally loves basketball as do his teammates.  The event was huge.  The kids were amazing.  At no point in the all-day event, did the kids run around and get all silly.  Each one was practicing passing or shooting or starting their own pick-up game when they weren’t playing a match.


There were ten basketball courts set up with one grand buzzer to rule them all.  They did two buzzers per game.  Then the dude with the microphone would tell everyone where their next match was.  The event smoothly progressed until everyone was done.  At the end, the results were announced.  Our village took second place!  Go team!  We were all very excited.  Otto got his first medal which is up on his wall by his “Fete du Mini Basket” t-shirt.

Zélie, our little runner, walker, dancer, year-and-a-half-old team supporter, put up with stroller jail and managed to enjoy Otto’s event.  She’s becoming too familiar with her sibling’s sporting events.


Zélie at the all-day Basketball Tournament (grabbed this one for you, Josh).


Zélie at the all-day Fencing Tournament.

4 thoughts on “Mini Basket

  1. jennifer says:

    Love it!! Z’s little mini-FML face is killing me!!! You know its next-level cuteness when you want to make *other* people’s kids your screensaver

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