Break-ah My Stride

At times, when things are slow, somewhere between after the cows have been mooved to the kids being fed and in bed, we get time to blog or read or listen to the radio or play “youtube song wars.”

and right now, I’m in the lead.  With this beauty:




the brown leather belt holding up black leather pants, the mustache, the step-touch … I so win.  Though Brent is ruthless.  He is relentless.  He has more lame musical knowledge.  So lame, it’s cool.  This will end with me losing, but at least I made him sweat a little.  You must watch.  It’ll perk up your day and you may consider wearing green, sparkling leotards.

11 thoughts on “Break-ah My Stride

      • Mark Griffith says:

        Boys have to know the rules so we can know when we win! I was disappointed in Brent’s choice. The guy never even played his french horn! And the song wasn’t very catchy and the dancers – el-lamo. I loved Break-ah My Stride though, still signing it and I got to look up the history of the one hit wonder Wheeler.

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