Geez, Luna Was Such a Cow Today

These are the stories I hear when Brent comes back from a hard day in the pasture. Over the years, we’ve both managed humans of various disciplines. Dancers, Actors, Volunteers, Friends, Children, Geeks, Math students, Students and Cats. After a year of working a little bit with the cows, I’m starting to recognize similar techniques used for teams and herds. I’m not saying managing a team of geeks is like managing a herd of cows. Okay, yes, that is what I’m saying. There is a dynamic that goes on with the herd. The report from the field when Brent comes in is not unlike the drama he would share when coming home from the magical office of high tech. “oh so-and-so was in a mood. “ OR “some cow was trying to enlarge its empire” OR “so-and-so was on heat” … really this is not unlike the office life. The weather, the hormones, the status, all these things play their part in the make up of a day. What would geek managing be like if electric fencing were part of the regime? No, kidding aside, the time you take to get to know your herd is magic. They learn that when you appear, great food follows. You learn that if you keep them happy, they maintain great condition and keep healthy. Four to Five PM is “horny heifer hour” where the girls are a bit nutty. Let them eat. Let them finish their day. Otherwise, they’ll get all giddy. If you walk into the paddock and no one pays you any attention, they’re full. If they see you from a distance and come follow along, they’re ready to move. You learn their moods. Brent has a schedule for them that suits their needs so everything runs smoothly.


These two above are standing there.  Yeah.  Standing there organizing.  They’re thinking about that rumor about greener grass.  Two minutes later, they sit, they ruminate, they dream.

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