Brent Sowed His Oats


… and now it’s time for hay.  We’re excited to try oat hay.  The alfalfa hay has been stellar and we think the cows will also be excited with some bales of oat hay to mix it up a bit.  Brent sowed his oats in fall to try it out and see if oats will work with the soils.  He has to fluff, rake and bale.  We’ll see how much the field delivered and how well it works for the cows.  After that, it may crop up in our rotation.

(gotta love the farm paronomasia)
brent sowed his oats
More importantly though, is this horrible song I’ve been singing all morning thanks to Brent’s play on YouTube Wars:

Maybe I was a grumpy kid.  Maybe I wasn’t much of a morning person.  Either way, my sisters spotted my vulnerability and struck hard singing this horrible song.  I hate it even more as I reflect on the pure joy my sisters would soak up as they sang that song and watched me squirm.  I don’t think Brent knew this chord it struck within me as he clicked play.  And to that, I give you this.  I also squirm with this song.  I don’t appreciate the density of earnest notes.  But when you stick it on a muppet, suddenly it streams with harmony.

4 thoughts on “Brent Sowed His Oats

  1. bc says:

    My gosh, Davy Jones does the Axl Rose dance in the middle of the vid!

    But that is an awesome song to make hay to. Thanks go to Tony Blackburn and Pick of the Pops.

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