This Huge Sausage is Very Suspicious

Our huge sausage is ready.  I took the sack off and it looked very scary.  I’m extremely conscientious of molds and bacteria and drying a Coppa turns everything I know on its head.  They told me to stick it in a cool place with a fly net over it.  I did.  They told me to wait two or three months for it to dry.  I did that too.  It’s time now to remove the sack and check out what happened.  The meat clearly dried and shrank into those things you see at any Charcuterie.  When I pulled it off its hook, I wasn’t expecting that color on the outside.  When I cracked it open, I wasn’t expecting that color on the inside.  That color looked familiar.  That color made me salivate a little.

Here it is before:

… and after:

Here in the Southwest, we slice it a bit thick and spread a little salted butter on it.  I gave ‘er a go.  Like buttah.  Despite the buttah I added, it was smooth and lovely and like dried sausage only better because I dried it myself.  I knew where the pig came from.  It came from down the road. It took time to dry.  We waited.  I love slow food.

4 thoughts on “This Huge Sausage is Very Suspicious

  1. Susan Lea says:

    That looks amazing and my mouth is watering, too! I’ve seen many sausages that look exactly like that on the outside . . . in France. I truly believe that living in France for 11 years has greatly expanded my culinary horizons. I now enjoy things I would have previously turned up my nose at, although I do draw the line at frogs’ legs and blood sausage.

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