Friends and Mr. Still

We love visitors.  We love visitors who come ’round and fuck off.  The farm can be so different from life in the city.  I love it when they can’t understand why there’s no cell phone coverage.  I love it that they think they need a cell phone.  I love to see people get taken away by the quiet or the cows or the pasture.  Some people help build fences.  Others seed pasture.  Some paint. Some entertain our little peanut gallery.  Others help Brent move the cows.  It makes me happy to share with others the calm chaos of starting a new farm set out to feed people healthy beef.




Some good friends came by not so long ago.  The kids miss them terribly.  Otto is in a “frog phase” at the moment.  His big toad managed to creep into a group shot.  Little Frog (“mom, incredible news, I found a tiny frog”) was stashed comfortably in his own Bonne Maman holding pen.  Mr. Still, the little tadpole that wouldn’t move (and coincidently was missing most vital appendages), sadly couldn’t join the party.

But don’t think you can come visit without working.  There is a lot that needs to get done.  I don’t care how hot it is or how jet lagged you might be.

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