Pat In Two Equal Oblongs

Scan 1

I’m not sure why I have Laura’s French Bread recipe. And why did it fall out of my Fannie Farmer cookbook while here in France? I do not know. I’m sure my sister Laura knows her recipe by heart as she no doubt bakes her French bread each day. But it’s here and I thought I should share it with you. This card looks like it was written by my mom. I make rye bread every day ( most days ). I have yet to slit the tops with shears. One reason is that I seem to be lacking in shears, though I have a lot scissors. I never thought to use scissors or scissor-like items to slit bread dough, but these are the things I get to learn from the wise teachings of my sister. I used to do the water deal, but I got lazy. Extra dish. Carry water. Hot oven. Meh. Now that I’ve recovered this card, I think I might get the water going again and see if I can get some improvement out of my bread.

Scan 2

Brent and I have a running list of Band Names ( are you ready to rock, Seattle!? ).  “Equal Oblongs” has just been noted.

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