We Sold Some Beef!

A very exciting piece of the puzzle was placed yesterday.  After all the farm searching, cow breed research, cow herd merging, fencing, pen building, pasture building, tractor buying, French system learning, heifer finishing and all the bits and pieces that helped us get better at making great beef … we sold some meat.  It was a great day.  It was great to see how this part of the business runs.  Oh there were hiccups.  The butcher was a bit late.  Brent was a bit late.  Beef buyers were waiting.  The kids did their best to entertain.  Brownies were served. Michael was there to mingle and look after people.  It all came together.  This is our first iteration of making great tasting beef.
we sold meat!
In geek speak, we shipped our 1.0.  In dancer, it was our opening night.  All the work that goes into shipping or opening a show follows with an all-day low.  There’s still so much work to do.  So many improvements to list and act on.  But for a few hours, we’re taking a big “sigh” ready to get rolling with the next set of beef boxes.  In the meantime, we have money going into our project.  Money that will help us improve our product.  Money that helped cover costs.  But more importantly, we fed people.  We fed people grass fed, grass finished beef that is tasty.  Beef that is healthy.  We feel pretty great about that.  I’m looking forward to our next beef offering hoping each one will be better than the last.

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