Tweets from a Five-Year-Old


“MOM! I can NEVER EVER play my game again! Because this is NOT my blue bag! It’s not ever one of my blue bags!”


“MOM! I can’t use this COLORING BOOK! Zee scribble in it and NOW I need to THROW IT IN THE TRASH. WaH!!!! Because that’s what BABIES DOOOO! I Hate HER!!”


“MOM! I need a bandaid! I HURT MY LEG. IT”S not bleeding, but I NEED a bandaid!!!”


“OTTO! Otto.  Frack. Frack. Frack. Frack. FROOM! HHAHAHAHEEEE!”


“Mommy.  I have to go pee.  Mommy.  Sometimes, little girls go pee outside.”

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