The kids have managed to find ways to get to water one way or another.  Minty has new, pink floaties that she only refers to in a pitch that goes beyond my range of hearing ( you may have heard her.  She hits a frequency commonly used in aviation ).  “FLOATEEEEEEEZ!”


She loves her floaties.  She feels confident and able to practice her kicking and sticking her head underwater.


Here’s the other side, in case you needed to see the other floaty with more clarity.  Where did she learn how to pose like that?


Otto is beyond floaties, but goggles are very “now” with the seven-year-old crowd.


Bug is the only cat that hasn’t melted.  The “barn cats” stretch out across the farm begging us to “please, you there, turn down this heat.”


Zélie is still making faces.

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