A Girl Who Takes Over The Kitchen


Britney blaring, KitchenAid creaming butter with sugar, Lucy takes over the kitchen making yummy things usually of the cookie variety.  We know that sometimes recipes don’t turn out right, but with the right amount of butter, sugar and love, it always tastes great.


Today’s treats take advantage of the quickly ripening figs we have.  Soon we will have too many.  Soon the hornets will take over the figs during the evenings.  She’s out to make fig bars or fig newtons as I fondly refer to them, but this stuff takes time.  We need to chill the “newton” as well as prepare the figgy part.  A girl who, age appropriately, seeks immediate gratification, is advised to take the time to do it right.  If she follows the recipe, the newtons will surely be yummy.  In the meantime, we’ll have ice cream as soon as it’s done.


Zélie helps by taking everything important and running into the next room all stealth-like.



Tosca unmoved, anticipates meatier morsels to come. She’s not a fig fan.


Though, she’s always up for a photo.

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