Minty Says


She’s a very special Mint.


We’re not sure where she gets that posing.


… But she is the third child


… sometimes the third child needs to assert herself and let you know that she’s here, dang it, so don’t nobody be messin’ wit me.

I know I’m her mutha, but I’ve NEVER seen a forest green, felt hat with a prominently positioned Goofy patch look so darn cute.

Standing On Tables


Zelie likes to stand on table tops. But that’s not enough. She would prefer to stand on table tops while perhaps holding a few freshly sharpened Japanese knives in her right hand and a couple venomous snakes in her left. Striving to accomplish something no matter how trivial in her day, she would add to her table top play a brief reading of Green Eggs and Ham in Latin while hopping on one leg in order to free up some time for a hasty review of sweet Bob and his books.

Her mother panics and is reminded of the horrible presentation of a serious concussion.

This is how Zee rolls.

A Bug’s Tail


I broke or dislocated Bug’s tail. It was a hornet, you see. An evil hornet that tried to fly in the window, yelling obscenities, directed right at me. It knew my name and my kids names the horrible, chunky stingy thing. So I closed the window quick without looking to see if a cute tail was in the way. But it was. A sleepy, sun soaked cat was innocently absorbing his morning when I shut the window on his tail. He yelled in an Edith Bunker kind of way.

It wasn’t until later that evening that I noticed the kink. I felt his tail and by doing so, I heard a little click that sounded like it popped back in place. But it will never be the same. Poor Bug. He was bred for beauty.

Sometimes Your Day Ends Up In The Toilet

So our toilet, it wobbles. Each time you sit and share your business you are reminded of this fact. Brent grabbed a moment between cows, mowing, discing, seeding, research, meat sales and all the rest to “take a look” at the toilet problem. “Oh,” he says “just needs a little tightening.” Two hours and a broken bolt later we have no toilet because it’s in the hallway. We have but one toilet. Thankfully, he and Kevin worked the details out before France closed for the night. A quick trip to our local nuts-n-bolts place and they returned with a bolt that shall not rusteth. … but only one. …because the other bolty side is f*&^cked … but it screwed in quiet nicely. And our toilet, bolted on one side,  it no longer wobbles. I suspect we’ll keep it that way until it squeaks again.

I now sing “YOU’ve ABANDONDED ME! … LOO don’t WOBBLE anyMO'”

… of course I get extra points because Brent had this song in his head a few days ago. Which is why it’s in my head. I share this with you. I probably shouldn’t.

The Words of Late Summer

Zélie practices her two and three syllable words with abandonment.  I should really do the same with my French.  She is motivated to communicate with her words that are, at the moment, cute.  In the not so distant future, her words will be controlling, manipulative, a stream in which jedi mind tricks abound.  She has a strong spirit our little Z.


So for you ( and mostly my Mom ) I bring you Pumpkin and Tomato.






Today, In Alphabet Fridge Magnets …


At last, I bought some alphabet magnets for the fridge. Those Yuppie stainless steel fridges can’t handle the alphabetical magnetism. Of course over the years and many iterations of cheap China imports, they’re cheating us on a few magnets. Each letter should have two little, crappy magnets. No, this is too expensive. One magnet per letter, which, drives the kids crazy because the letters, they slide.

Through such challenges, everyone managed to create their words of choice ( “suc” being Otto’s first creation. That’s “suc” as in: “you suck and that’s sad” ). Today’s installment is by Blue Dog. He has a message for you.