Game of Pwn


I’ve created a new game. A game that compiles all of the game pieces from all the games you own. Okay, maybe Zélie made the game. I call it “Games Without Frontiers” ( or Jeux Sans Frontières in French ). It has no rules and if  war ensues, it will be without tears. Okay, maybe Peter Gabriel named the game. But it’s a very popular game in our household. Monopoly money is King and the little cannons from Diplomacy are surreptitiously strewn around the house.

At first, I know, I feel you getting a little uncomfortable with all the pieces all together in perfect disharmony. It’s a nail-scratch-on-the-chalkboard feeling that can only be resolved with order, reconciliation and a strong hook-and-eye securely fastened to the door.  In this game, with all those pieces, there are no predetermined rules.  Kids hate games with rules.  They much prefer to create the rules as they go along ( usually slanted in their favor ).  Spend two minutes playing CandyLand with a four-year-old and this message will shout at you loud and clear.  The first rule of CandyLand is : there is no strategy in CandyLand.  Your fate unfolds as the pre-shuffled deck orders the next move to which you follow without question.  No choices required.  Sit back, follow directions and Hey! LOOK!  Gumdrops!

She’s so popular, our Zélie, opening up all the games to make one game to rule them all.  The games the kids play with all the pieces is endless.  Really, the only limitation is yourself.


2 thoughts on “Game of Pwn

  1. bc says:

    Those Diplomacy pieces are very cool. You can use the economies of scale to get cheap intricate pieces and then make your own rules. I think this was similar to the idea of Kill Doctor Lucky and the other Cheapass Games.

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