And Then She Was Two


Zélie turned two yesterday. And you ask yourself, “where did all the time go?!”

She unfortunately had an experimental “pudding cake” for her birthday which thankfully was overlooked by the large present she received from her parents. Were she an only child, she’d get lots of cuddles and probably enjoy grandma and nana’s gift giving. As there are too many little, youthful historians inhouse, I need to supply her with a large present so we will not be nagged or harassed at future family reunions ( “remember the time when you didn’t get ANYTHING for your little daughter on her second birthday?!?!”  Look, I could wrap up a sock with a pile of ceramic insulators and she’d be thrilled.  She’s two.  Entertainment is easy. ).
Not only was she showered with presents, she also had her very own, home-made pinata that was sufficiently clobbered by her three older siblings.

Cowmeo and Cooliette


This evening has been brought to you by a multi, multi, super show narrated and directed and performed by Cowmeo and Cooliette. If only I could share with you the drama that unfolds when two Tour de France tchotchkes meet, fall in love and due to family discrepancies can no longer be together. Oh the yelling. Oh the songs. Oh crap it’s bath time. Until we meet again, Cowmeo, and please don’t drink the Kool-Aid.