80’s: The Untold Story { She Really Is A Maniac }

As a child of the eighties, I feel it is important to share with you the many ways the eighties shaped my life as well as the lives of others.  Not only did I grow up in the eighties, I grew up in the eighties in Southern California, which I would mark as the epicenter of “80’s” phenomenon.  I was a dancer and I had curly hair.  Actually it wasn’t even properly curly it was wavy and thus did not feather, though I tried.  I tried and tried with not very encouraging results.  Feather bangs aside, today’s edition is about the romantic drama film that is Flashdance, specifically “Maniac.”  Maniac is a very simple workout-montage somewhere in the first bit of the film to show how hard it is to be a dancer and a welder living alone in this giant world and warehouse we call home.  Not unlike the Full Monty knocking Madam Maniac for her crap welds, her workout to a dancer yields similar disgust.  Yes, I suppose you’re right, it really isn’t about a brief insight into a dancer training session practicing to be accepted into a ballet academy, it’s a scene to show you Jennifer Beals bum ( or Marine Jahan, rather ).  Oh but the vigorous stretching, the hair flipping and the signature feet pitter-patting.  This is where I’d like to set the eighties dancer training straight.  Dancers in the eighties do not pitter-patter.  In fact, I see at least three injuries resulting from such an exercise.  What a maniac.  I now leave you with this to enjoy, analyze, reminisce or get to know a little slice of ’83.






My husband gave me a cd with hot eighties tunes, so this is totally his fault.

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