Okay Mom, You Were Right


I vaguely remember each year, my mom campaigning for an artificial Christmas tree. With sacrosanct tone, we would say ( or yell from her perspective ), “NOOOO! The smell! The tradition! It mist be real!”. Loving her children more than anything, she would opt for the real tree. Little did we know she also opt-ed for watering, fallen needle maintenance and dead tree removal. This year, for many or whatever reasons, I have arrived at this exact argument. Live Christmas trees are hard to find in France and a bit on the expensive side ( let’s just say the Chubby-n-Tubby five buck tree does not exist ). So we went fake. And OH the relief. Look, I’ve got lotsa young kids, I got cows, I got a farm to help run and tending to a live tree has fallen off my priority list.

I suspect the first thing my mama did when her last baby left home ( that would be me ) was buy an artificial Christmas tree. Mom, let me say this, “you go girl!”

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