80’s: The Untold Story {Four Songs That Should Never Have Happened}

Still marching through this 80’s CD (yep, CD not MP3) my husband put in my car, I would like to share with you four songs that never should have happened.  If you watch the video without sound you can see the lead singer sold and cashing in on the “80’s smash hit” while the band does a big eye roll in the back ground.  So, heat up your crimping iron and I dare you to watch each in full ( as I was forced to in my car ) in succession.

1. The Bangles, Walk Like An Egyptian

2. Wang Chung, Everybody Have Fun Tonight

3. Men Without Hats, Safety Dance

4. Styx, Mr. Roboto

4 thoughts on “80’s: The Untold Story {Four Songs That Should Never Have Happened}

  1. grasspunk says:

    I met your challenge. Can I have 17 minutes of my life back?

    Never before had I had a recommendation to watch the Bangles live. I see why. They did make the right choice by putting Hoffs as the lead singer.

    The Wang Chung video is excellent except for the miscasting of unattractive nerds as pop stars. The music is 80s electro bubblegum. IIRC the vid was by Godley and Crème, those two ex-10cc folk who made several wanky videos in the 80s.

    The LONG version of the Safety Dance video? Are you a sadist? Although I’m thinking if you merged this with some fight scenes from Game of Thrones you’d have one awesome video. This is one of the greatest Canadian songs since Working for the Weekend.

    OK three videos done and all that’s left is … Mr Roboto. This is one of those videos that are just incomprehensible to those not lucky enough to be born in the USA. What were they thinking? Two minutes in when the singer first appears in his lilac suit I can’t help but think, “Put the robot costume back on.” But still, that boy can sing.

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