Last Days of the Buzzy Bee



Lucy received her Buzzy Bee during a visit with her relatives in New Zealand.  She played with it and buzzed it and threw it and left it out in the rain like any two-year-old would.  Otto and Minty also took their turn with this amazingly sturdy, non-battery-operated bundle of noise with energy and excitement.  Buzzy Bee is now taking on its fourth child with the patience of a navy seal.  I have never fixed Buzzy Bee for s/he has stood strong through the test of a two-year-old’s time.  But as Z grows and matures, I begin to see the end of our star toy.  Soon Zélie will be having arguments with Ken spoken as Barbie’s agent.  She will be doing dress-up and France Idol competitions with the girls.  She will be killing My Little Pony with handy artillery with Minty and Otto.  Buzzy Bee’s days are numbered, I’m afraid and ’tis the time we say to ourselves, these are the good times.

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