All Interwebs Point To GrayCute



While yes, it’s true the world searches for pictures of cute, gray kittens on the internet.  The magic of neural networks does not lie.  But what the research does not tell you is that inside each cute, little gray kitten is the moist eye of a cold-blooded killer.




Our veggie garden exhaled a big sigh of relief thanks to GrayCute’s efforts on bunny patrol.

4 thoughts on “All Interwebs Point To GrayCute

  1. Kevin says:

    Heh. You have adjusted to country living. Your US city dwelling, self identifying as liberal friends may have a hard time seeing cute bunny flesh.

    PS Really liking Jonathan Haidt’s latest.

  2. Heartwalk Counseling says:

    wow she was able to take down a rabbit !! I’m impressed. Amazing how they suck you in with those adorable blue eyes….who knew that they turn green , not I, gullible soul that I am. However my Beckham has proved to be my most favorite cat (Maine coon) of any in my 64.5 years !!!!

    take care, Jade

    Jane Sawyer

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