Out Of Back Burners


It’s been one of those weeks with all projects in need of action. Not much could be pushed to the back burner of next week.

Our Christmas roasts got into good hands. The “good cuts” of our latest offering are better than good. We’re pleased with how things are tasting, but still room for refinement. Making great tasting beef is like making cheese and wine in that it takes time. It takes patience. But unlike cheese and wine, you can’t sample a bit along the way to see how it’s all going. You need to wait, research, plan and experiment with each carcass. When we taste our beef and it’s better than good, it’s an amazing feeling. We love being able to share this with all those people who remember what beef used to taste like.

Thankfully we have an old Siamese who knows just the right treatment for long, hard weeks.


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