Tractor Ready, Fencing A-Go-Go


Heading into winter, we’re using up the last fresh grazing. Winter will bring the cows fresh grass and some hay. Brent is working hard to bring those crazy vineyards into pasture for the cows. Some have been a bit muddy. Others have held strong. Our pregnant heifers are slowing down to smell the Lucerne. Our steel vinepost-turn-cow-fence is a complete flop. They worked great in dry times, but when it’s wet, fahget about it. Despite wobbly posts, we are showered with much rain. I hope spring will bloom. Last year was tough. At some point, our infrastructure will be set and we can move on to more important farm duties. For now, we fence, we make tasty beef and we hope for luscious pasture.

2 thoughts on “Tractor Ready, Fencing A-Go-Go

  1. mimiswardrobe says:

    It sounds like you’re having as soggy a winter as we are here. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could put some of that in the weather bank and take it out this summer? That’s great you still have a bit of fresh grazing left; all our animals can do is dream about it while they eat hay! Herb has to time it just right to get the tractor into the barnyard with a new roll of hay unless he wants to leave huge ruts. Our pony briefly escaped the other day and left 2-3″ deep pock marks in the back yard–that’s how soggy we are!

    • Jean Curtis says:

      yes, a weather bank would be nice (as long as the weather bankers don’t go spending elsewhere). It’s been dryer in the last few days and Brent moves the herd twice a day to keep the pasture from cow ruts.

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