We Gonna Ride The Boogie


We run a beef farm. Sometimes I say “small,” but in reality it’s not all that small. Sometimes I say “grass-fed,” in reality we are grass-fed, but shouldn’t all cows be eatin’ the good grass? It’s hard work not so much in sweat, though Brent will tell you otherwise, but starting up a quality, tasty beef farm is hard in that we need to experiment and try different methods to get tasty beef direct to you for a not-so-luxury price. Great beef should be great beef without any song-and-buzzword dance. This is what we do. And sometimes when it’s cold and dark and one cow is messing with your fences you feel an inner sigh. Why are we doing this? We could be working for the man making bankers rich, but instead we farm. I question simple food we purchase curious why I can’t spend a little more effort to produce it on the farm. You watch a documentary like “The Dustbowl” and think, why do I buy anything?!  Other than the Interwebs and Electricity.  Everything else, we can make happen.
Then you step outside and watch Brent move the cows to a fresh piece of grass, which he does one or two or four times a day.  This he does, rain or shine in sickness or in health.  Here he sets up the fence.


And the cows, they wait.  This is when to review the classic knock-knock

Me: Knock-knock

You : Who’s there?

Me: Impatient Cow.

You : Imapatient Co-    ME: MOOO!

Though our cows, they are patient.  They wait patiently for Brent to call them through.


And GrayCute supervises.  He likes to keep the girls in line.


Then they enter their new snack.


And begin to munch immediately because that rye-grass is pretty tasty.


“Muscles” keeps the rodents in check.


Then all is well because the only noise audible on the farm at this moment is the manic munching of a herd of Salers.  They munch quicker than any cow.  Their munch-per-second has been monitored by serious people with munch-monitors and you can hear it as soon as they hit their new patch.  They’re not starving, it’s just how they roll.

Just listen.  This is the sound of tasty beef in the making.

We feel great about this beef.  It’s tasty.  It’s well raised.  It’s healthy for you.  So we gonna ride this boogie.

7 thoughts on “We Gonna Ride The Boogie

  1. Zephyr Hill says:

    I love it! I love the cows munching! I have never seen cows eat that fast, seriously. For a minute there I thought that cow closest to the camera was going to munch whoever was holding the camera! You could put this on a loop and use it as white (I mean green) noise for farmers to play while they sleep–and dream of happily munching cows growing fat.

  2. cecilia says:

    This is me in the summer but on a Teensy Tinesy scale. I will be a good girl and shift daisy and co every day next year.. Usually it is only every few days with bigger moves.. bad pasture manager that i am.. now i am off out to milk the cow who will not see green grass again until late next spring.. love your grass though.. c

    • Jean Curtis says:

      The rye grass grows well here in the winter. The cows are really into it. It was Brent’s experiment this year. He has a few improvements for next year. We are wet, wet, wet and this stuff is doing better than expected. We’re already seeing some regrowth in the previous section. Every year is different. Weather has no mercy.

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