A Morning of Rainbows and Magic Fencing Plans Come True


It’s a rainy wonderland here. With the rain we have wind. With the wind we have clearings of glorious sun. With the glorious sun we are followed by a rain cloud which quickly leads to rainbows.


And what do you do when the ground is so soggy? You fence.

We’ve been waiting and waiting for our opportunity to fence. Two years of drought leaves no window to push posts in the ground. At last we seize the moment. With a little help from our friends, Brent and the boys pushed in over two hundred posts to keep our perfectly behaved herd in check.

Brent checks out ” soccer pitch ” to see if it’s waterlogged. To me, on this broken iPhone, it looks like he’s taking a leak. It’s one of those ” elephants in the room. ” Oh bloggers, they blog. Farmers farm. People get on with their life, but what we all know that is never talked about is that men, real men, they like to pee on their land. Otto, Brent, most of male France, we see you. And we continue on with a frown-nod implied. You go. Though Brent is actually looking at pasture and not having a wee, the scene set me up with this tangent and though I will hit ” publish, ” I should actually not say this out loud. Oh hi, my name is Jean. These are the thoughts that run through my head as I prepare a whole lotta meatballs for the troops.

And wasn’t that rainbow pretty? Wouldn’t you like to be out there making your farm better with rainbows? Yeah, me too.

9 thoughts on “A Morning of Rainbows and Magic Fencing Plans Come True

  1. Zephyr Hill says:

    That’s a great rainbow shot. I love rainbows, and they always make me run for a camera. All I have to say about the rest of your post is, better farmers peeing on their land than the numerous urban Frenchmen we saw in Aix (and vicinity) peeing in alleys or behind dumpsters or in stairwells of Parkings. Well, we didn’t see them there, but we could tell they’d been there. ‘Nuff said! (Maybe too much!)

    • Jean Curtis says:

      This story is all too familiar. These French men, they like to pee outside. Even in Paris. This attraction never makes it to the tour guide books. “Shay” pas pourquoi?

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