La Petit Pere Noel


With all the rain, we are happy grass farmers. With all the rain we are a bit muddy in the courtyard. With all the rain Zee and I work on indoor projects. So when it’s not all that rainy, we go out and collect dog bones. Or avoid muddy puddles. Or go directly to muddy puddles, but quickly get carried away by mommy who does the laundry and doesn’t have a tumble dryer so little, warm clothes take ages to dry and would prefer to get at least two days out of those jeans please.


Zee loves to wear everything but her own clothes. She loves romping around in Minty’s puffy coat. She pulled this act during Lucy’s fencing tournament while the rest of the French crowd referred to her as “le petit Pere Noel.”. That’s “little Santa” to you and me.


While it’s chilly, bright and sunny today, tomorrow brings rain and gray. I can’t wait to see what Spring will be like.

5 thoughts on “La Petit Pere Noel

  1. Joshua Goodspeed says:

    We bought a condenser tumble dryer, which does not require any ventilation. It is so nice to have even if we do have to empty the water tank after two loads. You may want to consider getting one.

    • Jean Curtis says:

      perhaps after a few beef sales 😉 otherwise, we work it old style. Don’t forget, it’s warm here … mostly. When are you coming already!?!?!?!

  2. Zephyr Hill says:

    I didn’t have a dryer in France for 2 years, hanging up laundry for a family of 6! While I had fun color-coordinating my line of clothes, the day I hung up 128 pieces of socks and underwear in freezing weather with the Mistral blowing, I said, “WE’RE GETTING A DRYER!” I hope you sell lots of beef so you can get one soon! People in America have no idea how expensive appliances like that are in France, how TINY they are, and how much it costs in electricity to run them! We are spoiled!

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